Trademark Objection

Its due to lock of time or ignorance of choosing the right brand name, the concern of trademarks objection comes into play. We are here to serve clients in the right way when it comes to filling the case for trademarks. Right from investigating the case to giving proper consultation and fixing the issue of trademarks objection through the approach of legal documents is what makes us best in the business. We deal in all kinds of trademark services with result oriented solution for sole proprietorship, LLP and Private Limited Companies.

Conveniently Reply to Trademark Objection

A Trademark Examiner can raise an objection during the trademark registration process. We can assist companies in responding to all trademark objections.

Respond Professionall

A professional response is demanded when an objection during the trademark registration process is raised by a Trademark Examiner. A professional response by an experience professional can increase the chances of a successful trademark registration. An professional can only address all concerns mentioned in the Trademark Examination report.


Its not compulsory that filing a response to the objection in the trademark examination report will guarantee trademark registration. In the trademark registration process, registration is provided only by the Trademark Registrar on the basis of the facts of each case. Therefore, an experience team can only make best efforts for registration.

Trademark Journal

Trade Marks Registry has an official journal called Trade Mark Journal, where the Trademark Examiner advertises the trademark, if he finds the objection reply sufficient, addressing all concerns mentioned in the Trademark Examination report. Third-parties can oppose the registration of the mark when the application is advertised in the journal.


When the trademark application is under the process by the Government, it is important to periodically check its status. Applicant sometimes has to provide time-bound response or take action during the process.

Trademark Objection

An objection on the trademark registration can be raised by the Trademark Registrar. The applicant within 30 days from the date of the receipt of the Trademark Examination Report, can submit a written reply for the objection to the Trademark Registrar, containing all facts, evidences and reasons explaining why the mark must be registered in his favor.

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