Removing Directors from the Company

Whenever a respective company needs to remove a director from the post, there has to be a legal procedure, which should be followed. This is where our trusted remove director’s service effectively help clients fix the issue. We make sure to adhere to the Section 169 of Company Act 2013 and then analyze the right given to shareholders. This helps us to take the case forward with transparency and get the work done with effectiveness and on time. Apart from this, we help clients resolve the issue by letting shareholders of the company remove the director in legal way.

Easily Resign from Directorship

The Director entrusted by the shareholders for managing company affairs can resign following a simple resignation process. Get an appointment fixed for a free consultation on the resignation procedure from the post of director.


The procedure differs for Resignation of director and Removal of Director by the Board or Shareholders. A Director who wants to resign from the company must give a written notice to the company and the Board in order to file the requisite filings with MCA within thirty days. A Director can send a resignation letter copy directly to the ROC directly by filing a separate set of forms.


It takes an average time of 10 - 15 working days to file for resignation of director, depending on client document submission and government processing time.

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