Changing Registered Office Address

We are here to serve our clients in legal matters such as Registered Office Change within town, local limits or village. We advise clients in a proper way and ensure to prepare a legal notice that needs to be given to the respective registrar within 30 days of any such change. While our clients can deal with their business work, we take care of the location change on behalf of them in a reliable way. Whether location is moved to another state or from the jurisdiction of one ROC to another, we deal in every type of Registered Office Change work in a legal yet effective way.

Easily Change Registered Office

An appropriate form must be filed to intimate the Registrar of Companies of the change of registered office. A professional firm can help in filing the statutory filings for change of registered office.

Reasons to Registered Office Changes

Registered Office: It is essential for the companies and LLPs in India to have a Registered Office in the Indian state where the company is registered. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs send all official letters and reminders only at the Registered Office of the Company.

Books of Accounts: A Company or LLP must maintain Book of Accounts at the Registered Office of the Company. It is important to notify the Registrar of Companies, if the company wants to maintain the Book of Accounts at another place.

Residential Address: It is possible to make the residence a Registered Office of a Company. It is not essential that the Registered Office of a Company have to be a commercial or industrial property. But, it must not be an empty land.

Within City Change: The registered office can be changed within the same village, town or city in one to two days. A few documents are needed to be submitted with Board Resolution, for instance sale deed copy or rental agreement for the new address, recent utility bill and No Objection Certificate from landlord

Inter-State Change: The registered office can be changed from one state to another state, after approval of the concerned Registrar of Companies. The change of registered state from one state to another must also be published in a newspaper.

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