Provisional Patent

Leveraging on the expertise of our dexterous personnel, we are betrothed in presenting Provisional. This is considered as the preliminary step, to get a kind of short-term protection, before filing a regular patent. Without having any kind of formal claim, an individual or an organization can file an application for provisional patent. This application should be followed up with complete specification within the time period of 12 months, otherwise it will be discarded. Our main objective is to enhance the client satisfaction thorough completing this registration as soon as possible in a hassle free manner. Patent registration service in the market. Provisional Patent registration service is provided by our experts at inexpensive prices.

Advantages of Provisional Patent;

  • Filing provisional patent costs lesser than a full time patent and it also takes comparatively lesser time.
  • Within the time period of 12 months of provisional application date, full patent application can be filed.
  • This Provisional Patent conserves the confidentiality of the application without any publication.

Easily File Provisional Patent

Before filing complete specification, it is possible to file a provisional patent application. A professional team can make the process for filing provision patent application easy.

Other Benefits

Legal Protection: In case of patent infringement, the owner of registered patent can take action or sue for damages. Patent protection is not implemented for unregistered inventions.

Global Patent Protection: If required, an Indian patent registration can be used as the basis for patent registration in foreign countries. It is possible to register a patent in India by foreigners and foreign entities.

Competitive Edge: Businesses will get a competitive edge with a patent registration. The patent invention then can not be used by the competitors for similar goods or services.

20 Year Validity: The validity period of patent registration is 20 years from the date of filing of patent application, irrespective of whether the patent application is filed with provisional or complete specification.

Creation of Asset: A business when gets a patent registration for a product, it becomes an intangible asset, which can be either sold, franchised or commercially contracted.

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