Changing Company Name

The emerging case of name change has become very popular in India. However, it is not that easy to get the name as it requires official documents to get the job done. We have a team of expert legal advisers who make sure to collect the official documents and copies of affidavit, newspaper ads and gazette notification as proof of name change from clients and offer the service in a legal and transparent way. We also adhere to the timeline and deal with government officials on behalf of our clients to serve them in a better way.

Easily Change Company Name

As the Board of Directors and Shareholders provide the approval, it is possible to change the name of a company or LLP. A company or LLP name can be changed with an easy process. Companies can get free consultation, all they have to do is schedule an appointment.

What is Required?

If changing of a company name is certain, it requires to pass a board resolution, obtain name approval from MCA, pass a special resolution and apply for new company name approval to the MCA. If the application is accepted by the MCA, it issues a new certificate of incorporation. Once the new certificate of incorporation is obtained, changes must be performed to incorporate and change the MOA as well as AOA of the company.

All formalities of changing a company names takes about 90 working days, subject to client document submission and government processing time.

Reasons to Company Name Change

Separate Legal Entity: A legal entity- Private Limited Company has a juristic person established under the Companies Act. With a range of legal capacities, a company has Shareholders/Directors, who have no personal liability to the company's creditors for the debts of company.

Uninterrupted Existence: A Private Limited Company has 'perpetual succession', which means it has uninterrupted existence until the company is dissolved legally. A company being a separate legal person, is not affected by the death or other departure of any shareholder/ director. The changes in ownership do not affect its existence.

Easy Transferability: Transferring of share can transfer the ownership of a business in a company. The ownership of a company can be transferred by signing, filing and transfer of share transfer form and sharing certificates. Transferring of shares might require the consent of other shareholders in a private limited company.

Borrowing Capacity: Equity funds can be raised by Private Limited Companies in India. Companies can issue preference shares, debentures, equity shares, and accept deposits with a permission of Reserve Bank of India. Banks and Financial Institutions are inclined towards private limited company when it comes to providing funding, rather partnership firms or proprietary concerns.

Easy Transferability: In a company, the ownership of a business can be transferred by transferring shares. In order to transfer the ownership of a company, it is necessary to sign, file and transfer share transfer form, and share certificates.

Owning Property: It is possible that a Private Limited Company can acquire and own property in its name, be it land, factory, building, machinery or intangible assets. No shareholder can claim the company's property since the company is a going concern.

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