Increase Authorized Capital

We have a team of expert law advisers who undertake the work of Increase Authorized Capital in a legal way and get the job on time for clients. All the works are carried with completed transparency, keeping the entire lawful act intact. We take briefing from clients and then engage with the respective shareholders to take their approval to proceed with the process. We act as a bridge between the company and shareholders, and make sure to get the job completed by paying the fee and submitting the respective documents to the registrar of companies.

Easily Increase Capital

The authorized or paid-up capital can be increased with board resolution and filing of forms with Registrar of Companies.

What is an Authorized Capital?

The company's authorized capital is a deciding factor for the number of shares the company can issue to shareholders. In order to issue new shares or initiate more capital into the company, it is required to increase the authorized capital. The starting authorized capital of the company is generally Rs. 1 lakh, and it is mentioned in the Memorandum of Association (MOA) of he company. As the shareholders approve, the authorized capital can be increased by paying additional fee to the Registrar of Companies. The Board of Directors must pass a resolution to start the process of increasing authorized capital. Once the authorization is provided to increase the company's authorized capital, the next step is to make the changes to company's MOA and AOA.

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