Income Tax Return Filing Online For Individuals

What is Income Tax Return Filing?

ITR stands for Income Tax Return. Here Return is the Statement, in which a Person shows that how much amount he has earned during the year and how much expenses he has made and what are his taxability at the end of the year.

It is basically based on the Income of the person and sources of the Income in India or abroad, earned during the year. Hence it is the Statement("Return") in which the amount of "tax" payable or refundable is shown on the basis of "Income".

Income tax return filing is applicable on all the persons defined under the Income tax Act,1961 and it is totally based on the slabs on Income of the persons.


What is ITR-1 (Sahaj From)?

The ITR 1 form called the Sahaj form because it is for salaried individuals being a resident having total income up to Rs.50 lakh, having Income from Salaries, one house property, interest income, Family pension income etc.

The income under ITR- 1could be through the below-mentioned sources.

  • Income from salary or pension, family pension and interest income.
  • Income from a single House Property (excluding losses brought forward from previous years).
  • Income from other sources excluding income from winning lottery/ horse racing.

As Per Section 2(31) of Income Tax Act,1961 There are 7 type of Person who can file ITR.

  • An Individual; (It refers to a natural human being whether male or female, minor or major.)
  • A Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) ; (It is a relationship created due to operation of Hindu Law. The manager of HUF is called "Karta" and its members are called 'Coparceners'.)
  • A Company; (It is an artificial person registered under Indian Companies Act 1956 or any other law.)
  • A Firm (partnership firm)
  • An association of persons or a body of individuals, whether incorporated or not; (Co-operative Societies etc.)
  • A local authority; and (Municipality, Gram panchayat etc.)
  • Every artificial juridical person not falling within any of the preceding sub-clauses. (example – Reserve Bank of India)

Who Cannot File Income Tax Return for AY 2019-20?

  • Individuals whose income are above Rs 50 lakh.
  • Residents not ordinarily resident (RNOR) and non-residents.
  • Individuals – a director of unlisted company who has invested in unlisted equity shares cannot file the ITR under this form.
  • Individuals having earned income from sources as mentioned below:
    • House Properties are more than one.
    • Lottery, Racehorses, Legal Gambling, etc.
    • Taxable capital gains (short term and long term)
    • Agricultural income exceeding Rs. 5,000
    • Business and Profession
    • Individuals who are Residents and have assets (including financial interest in any entity) outside India or signing authority in any account located outside India
    • Individual claiming relief of foreign tax paid or double taxation relief under Section 90/90A/91

How Many Forms are Available for Income Tax Return Filing?

Presently there are 7 ITR forms, which has to be filled with Income tax department after filling of details, it is necessary to identify the accurate form before filling of ITR. Failing which, you can face out the problem related to defective return.

How to File ITR 1 Sahaj Form Online?

The information mentioned above provide a clear answer to what is ITR 1 Form? The next step is to understand how to fill ITR 1? The ITR 1 can be filed through both the online and offline mode as explained below:

Income Tax Return Filing Offline Mode

Only individuals, as mentioned in the category below, can file the return in paper form.

  • Individuals aged 80 years or above can file return in paper form anytime during the previous year.
  • Individual or HUF (Hindu Undivided Family) having income which does not exceed Rs 5 lakhs and those who have not claimed any refund in the return of income, can file return in paper form.

The income tax return, in the offline method, is furnished in the physical/ paper form. An acknowledgment will be issued by the Income Tax Department, at the time of submission of physical tax returns.

Income Tax Return Filing Online Mode

  • For Income Tax return filing online you have to log in at with the essential details like PAN No.
  • Select the appropriate form, which is applicable on you and fill the required details in the form.
  • Pay the tax, if payable, by using "e-pay" tab, given in the form.
  • Mention the Challan details under the Self-assessment tax like BSR code, date of deposit of tax, Challan serial no. etc.
  • Save the draft and read carefully the filled form.
  • Submit the form and e-verify it through Aadhaar OTP/ Net banking etc, with given options.

Filing Income Tax Return Online with VAKIL KARO

To file the ITR (Income Tax Return), please adopt the following procedure—

Provide your Details (don't worry !! your details are private & confidential) You know very well, without PAN & Income details, the ITR can not be filled with to department, so you are required to share with us the following details—

  • Basic Details (Name, Mobile, E-mail, Address, PAN, Aadhaar, Bank Account Number with IFSC)
  • Source of Income (what is your source of Income, like Income from Salary, Income from Rented House, Sale of property are the example of Income and without source of Income, ITR can not be filled with.
  • Any Investments (savings made by you like F.D., R.D., Mutual Funds etc. during the year & any expenditures like Education fee, Medical Treatment etc.)
  • Form 16/16A (if any TDS is deducted during the financial year, a TDS Certificate is provided by the employer in the form of 16/16A.)

Special ITR Expert/ Tax Advisor Allotted to You

When we catch your details, a special tax expert or tax advisor will allotted to you, who will understand your all the details in depth, and find out the right solution at maximum and will quote you fee and tax amount payable/ refundable, if any.

How do we File ITR for You

After analysing all the details and verification of fee & tax amount we will draft & file your Income Tax Return.
Congratulations!! Task done
After completing of work, we will send you the related documents like copy of Acknowledgement (ITR-V), Computation of ITR and other necessary documents.

What are the Benefits of Income Tax Return Filing?

  • Quick Loans Approval – If you have filled the Income Tax Returns on regular basis, your eligibility of raising funds from banks or financial institutions are quite easy.
  • Refunds of Income Tax – with filing of ITR, if any refunds exists, you can claim easily.
  • Legal Income Proof – your ITR is your excellent Income Proof, and is valid throughout India.
  • Abroad going easy – if you have filled your ITR, VISA processing and approval chances are more.
  • Carry forward of Losses - losses of financial year, can easily be forwarded to next year.

What is the Due Date for Income Tax Return Filing?

Due dates of ITR depends upon the type of Persons---
For Individuals or firms, who is not liable to get tax audit the due date is -31st July of Assessment Year.
For Companies or firms, who are required to get tax audit the due date is – 30th September of Assessment year.

If you are still facing the problem in income tax return filing, get VAKIL KARO help instantly.

We are one of the best service providers for Income Tax Return Filing for individuals & Businesses accurately and on timely basis. Everyone who earns or gets his/her income is subject to income tax. The income can be earned under various head such as salary, house property, business, profession, capital gains and other sources. This service helps you save time in achieving tax Compliance as we understand your unique tax filling needs. Income Tax Return Filing for individuals helps you to file an accurate tax return without missing any tax benefits that you claim.

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