Design Registration

With the assistance of our quality inspectors, we are able to provide Design Registration service to our valuable clients. The design registration comes under the intellectual property rights that protect the visual design of objects; i.e. the visual perception of an object by a viewer. This law is somewhat similar to the copy right and trademark registration, under which all kinds of designs, which includes shapes, patterns applied on any object in any color, by any way are reserved as per the Designs Act, 2000. Several items, such as certificates, books, maps, medals, labels, buildings, flags, layouts etc, cannot be registered as designs. Registered designs give exclusive rights to the makers or the creators to use them for 10 years, this period of time can also be further extended up to 5 more years. Our offered service is executed with the help of our team of highly experienced professionals, who make sure of timely operation. We provide Design Registration to our customers at industry leading prices

As per Designs Act, your designs requisite to satisfy following conditions;

  • Your design must be original or new, it should not be copied from anywhere.
  • Design should be relatable to the features of the object, it is being applied on
  • The design should be free from any kind of copyright or trademark
  • It should be applied to any object by means of industrial process
  • It should be clearly visible on finished article
  • Mode or principle of construction which is the part of a sheer mechanical device, will not be registered.

Easily Register a Design

Any company can apply for design registration, that has created a unique design. The design registration will protect the original patterns, shapes and compositions of lines and colors of the article. We can help companies obtain design registration, starting from Rs.7899/-

Important Aspects of Design Registration

File Professionally: In order to protect the design, a professional must file for the design registration. A professional not only will properly file the application, but address all the aspects of Designs Act, to increase the chances of a successful design registration.

Government Process: It is not essential that the design will be registered upon filing a design registration application. The Registrar will provide registration on the basis of facts of each case. Therefore, hire a professional with experience and expertise in filing of design registration.

Protection: Patent Office maintains and publishes the list of all registered designs, so that competitors are aware of the design registration and prevent counterfeiting. If an entity or a person finds infringement or piracy of a registered design, then that entity or individual of the registered design can seek legal remedy under the Designs Act.


After filing a design registration application, the status of the applications has to be checked periodically until its processing on the Government side. Sometimes, the applicant has to give a time-bound response or action. Therefore, application status must be continually checked and necessary action must be taken, if required.

10 Year Protection: For ten years, all designs registered under the Designs Act are protected and can be renewed for another five years. Articles covered under the Copyright Act or Trademark Act cannot be registered as a design.

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