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We are a leading law firm in India, which has developed a high specialization in providing Copy Right Registration service in India. Copyright comes under the intellectual property rights, which gives a sense of recognition to the creator over their original work. The main purpose of this our provided service is to register the creative output of businesses and individuals in order to protect their copyright ownership. It is basically the subject of matter of each and every industry, under which work of a particular person, team or organization is reserved legally. Nowadays a lot of copy right issues have been witnessed in entertainment industry; it includes all kinds of artistic works, varying from music, dramatics, literature, art to filmmaking. Copy right has given a sense of security to all the artists in order to reserve their on their piece of work. Under this law, it is illegal to use someone else piece of work without their permission. Further, this Copy Right Registration service is carried with a team of highly skilled and experienced attorneys

Easily Obtain Copyright Registration

An ownership can be established with a Copyright. With a copyright, original work pieces, like music, books, artwork and software can be protected. A professional team can help entities or individuals in obtaining copyright registration.

Why Register a Copyright?

Legal Protection: Copyright registration is regarded as an accepted evidence in the court of law over ownership of the work. A legal protection is provided for the work once the copyright registration is received.

Branding or Goodwill: A copyright registered can be used in the marketing process to create a sense of goodwill and quality in the customers' minds. A copyright of any work shows the owner's care about the work.

Global Protection: Works copyrighted in foreign lands are granted similar privileges here in India. Similarly, works copyright registered in India are granted protection in foreign lands.

Restricts Unauthorized Reproduction: Copyright registration shows the owner's seriousness about the issue of copyright infringement. It will help restrain unauthorized reproduction of the work as it provides the owner with legal remedies.

Creation of Asset: An intellectual property, an intangible asset can be created with Copyright registration. Copyrights that are registered become an intellectual property, the rights of which can be either sold, franchised or commercially contracted.

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