Adding Partner in Company

First of all, we advice and consult our clients regarding Add Partner service and then file the application for addition of designated partner. We also make sure that the new partner gets the Director Identification Number. We carry all the work such as resolution passing to affect the change, supplement agreement implementation and filing application for approval in legal ways following all lawful procedures. Apart from this, we adhere to law acts and get done with the documentation work as per government policies, serving our esteemed clients with comprehensive approach.

Easily Add Partner to LLP

In a LLP, partners carry out the business. To be a LLP partner, one must be above the age of 18. With a help of a professional firm, a partner can be appointed.

What are the Requirements?

It is essential for the person, who want to become a partner to a LLP must get a director identification number (DIN) and a digital signature certificate (DSC). The person applying for DIN can be Non-Resident Indian, Indian National or Foreign National. The average time taken for appointment of Partner is around ten to fifteen working days, depending upon the client document submission and government processing time.

Duties and Rights of a LLP Partner

General Duties: All the partners of a LLP are responsible to carry on the business to common advantage, that is to be faithful to each other, to provide complete information of all things affecting the firm or to any partner.

Duty to Indemnify: All the partners of a LLP have to indemnify the LLP for any losses caused by a fraud during the business operations of the firm. Rights of Partner: All partners have right to do business operations and have an access to the book of accounts of the LLP.

Implied Authority: The authority of a Partner to bind the LLP, in case of a transaction continued, in the usual way business is continued by the LLP, binds the LLP.

Properties of LLP: All rights, property and interest in tangible and intangible assets acquired or developed with the money of the LLP are deemed to belong to the LLP.

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