Adding Directors to the Company

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Appoint a Director

The shareholders of a company give responsibility to the Director to manage all the company affairs. The appointment of director can be an easy process with a professional's help.

What is Required?

A person who wants to be a Director must obtain director identification number (DIN) and a digital signature certificate (DSC). The person obtaining the director identification number must be above the age of 18. The DIN applicant can have any nationality or residency status. DIN can be obtained by Indian Nationals, Non-Resident Indians and Foreign Nationals, to be appointed as Director of an Indian company.

Types of Director in a Company

Managing Director: A Managing Director has powers to manage the company affairs. Managing Director can be appointed by virtue of company's Articles of Association; an agreement with the company; a resolution passed in its general meeting or by the Board of Directors of company.

Executive Director: An Executive Director is an active participant of an management team, who manages company affairs. An Executive Director is always in full-time employment of the company.

Additional Director: The Board of Directors appoint Additional Director between two annual general meetings subject to the provisions of the company's Articles of Association. An Additional Director can only hold office up to the date of company's next annual general meeting.

Ordinary Director: An Ordinary Director is not a Managing Director or full-time Director, but a simple Director who participates in the Board Meetings of a company and engage in the matters put before the Board of Directors.

Alternate Director: The Board of Directors in a general meeting appoint an Alternate Director to act for the Original Director during his/her absence for a period of more than three months. An Alternate Director is appointed for Non-Resident Indian or Foreign Collaborators of a company.

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